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Now that you're on the weight LOSS side of things, did you know that there's a BIG culprit out there that often causes many moms to eat more than they should and hence GAIN weight?
What is it?
It's Phantom Hunger (in other words, hunger that is NOT real!). 
Although it FEELS like hunger and you feed it, it is really FLUID that your body is after. That’s right, you are thirsty, but misinterpret it as hunger!
Now it's not news that obesity is a problem in our society today. But with all of the weight loss products out there, we have to ask ourselves what's really going on because we keep getting fatter?
One of the key contributing factors is that we have lost touch with our hunger and our thirst. We eat to numb, reward, distract, and excite ourselves, rather than to fuel our bodies. That is why getting in touch with our thirst, hunger and reasons for eating is a mandatory step to losing and maintaining our ideal body weight. 
So the next time you feel hungry, ask yourself why?  Are you hungry OR thirsty? 
In general, the majority of us need to concentrate on drinking MORE fluid in a day. On average, the body uses about 12 glasses of water every day, so you need to replace it with at least 8 glasses of good quality water daily. 
Other good fluids are fruit (preferably fresh and watered down) or vegetable juice and/or herbal tea.  Fruit juice is the one you have to be most cautious of because of the high sugar concentration.
How many glasses of water are you drinking per day? 
Here are 4 Great Tips to help YOU Stay Hydrated
1. Always carry a bottle of water around with you (in your car, at your desk, etc…) and sip it throughout the day that way - you’ll be much more likely to drink and get your quota.
2. UP your daily water intake (more than 8 glasses) if you exercise, drink coffee or tea (both diuretics), or if the weather's hot.
3. Drink between meals and not WITH your food (water dilutes the digestive juices and slows the absorption of nutrients).
4. And finally, add a squeeze of lemon to give your water a fresher taste – that is if you don’t like the taste of water (lemon will also act to increase your metabolism - yippee!).
Stay Hydrated!


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