Thursday, March 26, 2009

Agathi Keerai Benefits

  • It is bitter in taste
  • This has to be taken occasionally
  • This is not advised during medication, since it will reduce the power of medicine
  • It is an antidote for poisons
  • It is cooling
  • It is good for fever
  • It is a laxative
  • It helps in digestion
  • It is a tonic
  • It cures insanity
  • It is a very satvic food
  • folk medicine

Agathi keerai is very good when mixed with milk and boiled and then made into curd and that made into
buttermilk if taken twice a day all female related problems can be solved..:White discharge,Vaginal discharge with odour,Over heat.Crushed leaves are applied to sprains and bruises of all kinds.A tea made from the leaves is believed to have antibiotic, anthelmintic,antitumour and contraceptive properties. The bark is considered as a tonic and an antipyretic, a remedy for gastric troubles, colic with diarrhoea and dysentery. A bark decoction is taken orally to treat fever and diabetes. Juice of flowers put in the eyes is said to relieve dimness of vision. The leaves also have medicinal value and are reported to cure night blindness in cattle.  The root is a well-known medicine for malaria.Leaves and flowers are used as poultices. The principal medicinal effects are due to the trees astringency, hence it is used against inflammation, venom and other poisons, bacterial infections and tumors. Root juices are used for poultices and the leaves are applied for rheumatism, swellings, bruises and itching. For systemic disorders, decoctions are taken internally. Root resin, mixed with honey, is taken orally for phlegm and root juices are taken as an expectorant. Sinus congestion is reduced by taking a flower decoction.

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