I still remember how excited I was already when i was kickstarting my 9th month of pregnancy...Though I knew that my lil one was perfect n was calmly waiting for the mentioned due date, I wish the clock cud tick much more faster...was it the curiosity to see my lil angel...or was it the boredom of carrying the weight and the uncomfortableness i was put into...I bet it was the first one :) well, though things were perfect with my pregnancy, i did nt want to take chances and readily packed up my essentials...no one can predict future...so no harm in being ready for anything anytime...nways, u have to get ready with ur delivery essentials one day or the other before ur due date...so y nt get ready with it rite now...This blog is dedicated to Aarthi, a gud friend of mine, who is expecting her baby next month...Hope and pray that she be blessed with the best...Below is the list of things which you might need during your delivery and after child birth...

For Momma:
1. If you are using any massager currently to soothe off ur backpain, then dont forget to add tat to ur packing list.
2. Your camera/videocam
3. Couple of books to read
4. Your dress preferrably nightgowns which has the easy zip option for breastfeeding (You might need this after delivery)
5. Slippers/Socks (Dont forget your socks...You will feel chill soon after delivery)
6. Address/Telephone book
7. Toiletries, which includes ur hairbrush and hairband.
8. Lip Moisturizer
9. Your own pillow(if you want to)
10. Nursing Bra and Pads
11. Sanitary Napkins (usually this is provided in the hospital but juz to be on the safer side)
12. Last but not least, your insurance documents.

For the Baby:
1. Some baby clothes (3 or 4) (You might want to save the best when you bring the baby home)
2. Make sure you get ready with ur diaper bag right away. This would be useful during your baby's first travel in car to home. You should pack it with 3 diapers, wipes, feeding bottle, pacifier (a must - u need this to calm down ur excited baby during his first carride). Don't forget to carry back the extras like thermometer, bulb syringe in your diaper bag.
3. If itz winter, make sure you carry suitable clothing for the baby
4. Blankets (2)
5. Baby booties,cap and mittens (if itz wintertime)

Time to move....Happy preganancy and enjoy your motherhood :)


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